13 years of experience

About Xavier Smith

Hello there! My name is Xavier Smith, and my personal/business mission is to “Impact, Inspire, and Improve the lives of others!” I am so honored and happy to be of service to others. No matter what background you come from, everyone has it in them to make positive changes in themselves and the world around them. I am thankful for the amazing opportunity to serve!
Boxing, body weight training, and functional fitness, and personal development through fitness is how I like to help others IMPROVE their lives!
Now I am ready to serve you!

I love speaking and motivating others to an Xcellent life through fitness and bodyweight skill-based training found nowwhere else.

You can find me reading, teaching and coaching, and doing voice acting!

Spirituality - Health - & Healing
Human Anatomy & Physiology

How Does Online Training Work?

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